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Over the past three years, North Yorkshire County Council and the PCT/CCGs have been working together to jointly agree and deliver proposals using Health and Social Care (H&SC) monies for integrated solutions, based on reablement, that will help to keep people out of hospital and long term social care.

2014/15 is the final year of spend using these monies. The H&SC monies have been underspent to date, so the CCG has an opportunity to utilise the remainder of the fund (£1.4 million) on a non-recurrent basis in 2014/15. 

In October 2013, the CCG's Governing Body held a workshop to look at emerging proposals. At the workshop, it was agreed that further work should be undertaken to confirm whether all the key areas which might require investment had been identified, through care pathway mapping workshops.

Prioritising proposals

Based on the proposals generated for the original GB workshop and based on the outputs since, the CCG management team has developed formal proposals for 18 schemes. These can be found below. 

The proposals have all been scored using the CCG’s prioritisation criteria by the teams involved in creating the templates.