Recommendation outcomes Recommendation outcomes

Once your appraisal is complete, it will be forwarded to the Responsible Officer (RO) who will make his recommendation to the GMC. You will receive a letter via email, confirming the RO's recommendation.  

There are three possible outcomes to the recommendation process:

A positive recommendation: in the majority of cases, the RO will judge that the doctor meets the required standards and is up-to-date and fit-to-practise.

A deferral: when the RO deems that he needs more time before he can make his recommendation, or when a doctor cannot complete his revalidation for a number of reasons (for example, absence from work due to ill health, maternity leave or sabbatical) the RO will request a deferral. This is described as a neutral act.

A notification of non-engagement: this is a notification from the RO that the doctor has not engaged in the appraisal and/ or revalidation process. This can potentially result in removal of licence to practise.