Quality improvement activities (QIA) Quality improvement activities (QIA)

Each appraisal should contain evidence of personal involvement within at least one quality improvement activity. It should be relevant to your work and include reflection, learning points and any subsequent changes to your practice.

Examples of quality improvement activities could include:

  • A clinical audit
  • A review of clinical outcomes
  • A clinical case review or discussion
  • A prescribing analysis
  • A referrals analysis
  • A practice protocol

As always, demonstrating learning points, reflections and any subsequent changes in practice is always encouraged.

Quality improvement activities for sessional doctors

It is recognised that for sessional doctors it can be difficult to provide quality improvement activities. The Scottish Online Appraisal Resource (SOAR) has a very useful section aimed at sessional doctors - please click here to access the SOAR website.

A bit more information on full-cycle clinical audits

It is generally expected that you will produce at least one full-cycle audit per revalidation cycle (initial audit, change implemented, re-audit to demonstrate improvement).

You're probably more than aware of the principles of clinical audit, but as a quick guide (taken from the RCGP), a full-cycle audit should contain the following elements:

  • The reason the topic has been chosen
  • Dates of the first  and second data collections
  • The criteria to be audited and standards set (referenced to guidelines)
  • The results of the first data collection against the standards set
  • The changes you have implemented as a result
  • The results of the second data collection against the standards set
  • The quality improvement achieved
  • Your reflections

To read the full RCGP guidance, please click here.